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Carnelian Necklace | Silver

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This stone has powerful grounding properties. Perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle. Can help with vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity. Sharpens concentration and brings in more clarity. Helps develop stronger self trust. Protects against envy, range and resentment from yourself and others. Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity. Helps to create a healthy metabolism. Helps with female reproductive organs and increases fertility. Healer of back problems, arthritis and depression. 


Root & Sacral


Disclaimer: Stones may vary in shape and colour


Electroplated tarnish resistant Gold & Silver.

Nickle free.


Adjustble - One size fits all

Care information

To maintain the quality of your new jewellery, please:
- Do not wear in the pool, spa or beach
- Take off while sleeping, exercising or doing other physically challenging activities
- Avoid contact with other chemicals, including perfumes, body oils, and household cleaners.
- Do not use chemical jewellery cleaners
- Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Please do not use metal polishing cloth
- Store your jewellery in a cool dry place