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Black tourmaline - SILVER

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A very powerful protection stone both physically and spiritually. It protects against electromagnetic radiation and low vibrational negative energy. Can cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into lighter vibration. This stone will aid in developing self confidence and diminishes fear. Helps to attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. Known to relieve tension in the physical body. Balances out masculine and feminine energy. It encourages a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances and stimulates altruism and practical creativity. It grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress. 





Electroplated tarnish resistant Gold & Silver.

Nickle free.


Adjustble - One size fits all

Care information

To maintain the quality of your new jewellery, please:
- Do not wear in the pool, spa or beach
- Take off while sleeping, exercising or doing other physically challenging activities
- Avoid contact with other chemicals, including perfumes, body oils, and household cleaners.
- Do not use chemical jewellery cleaners
- Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Please do not use metal polishing cloth
- Store your jewellery in a cool dry place