Layna Moon

Hello my fellow crystal lovers & soul sisters. My name is Jayde & I am the owner/creator of Layna Moon. I am a 27 year old mama of one gorgeous girl, with another baby on the way. All the jewels you will find here, apart from our crystal rings, are designed & hand crafted with love by myself. The name 'Layna Moon' is inspired by my daughters name, Elena. My spiritual journey & love for crystals inspired me to create this business but my love for making jewellry began much earlier in life. As a child myself & my family would go away twice a year to country victroria to events called, swap meets. For anyone that doesnt know, these events are basically trash & treasure markets for mainly old car parts. For years I went but always found myself so bored & uninspired. Until i got an idea.. I decided that if I was to continue going, I would make & sell jewellry to the other children I saw there every year. And so, I began saving up my pocket money, going to the local shops to purchase jewellry making materials & started my own little jewellry business at 8 years old. I still recall the excited faces of children when they realised there was something to look at other than rusted bumpers & strange engine parts. I knew before starting this business that I felt guided to go back to what I loved doing as a child, so here we are.

Each peice is made with so much love & high vibrational energy/intention. Before sealing the packages I do a ceramonial cleanse with both sage & palo santo to ensure the items are recieved free of any unwanted energy. The crystals used in our peices are high quality & ethically sourced from multiple locations around the world. I hope that you leave this space feeling lighter & maybe even alittle inspired by the magic I create & very gratefully now share with the world.

Owner & creator of Layna Moon

- Jayde xx

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